Are restricted formats included?

Since I couldn’t find this information via search I wanted to make sure: Does Manjaro offer all “restricted formats” out of the box, and is the team committed and legally prepared to ensure they will always remain available? Especially mp3 / mp4 / mpeg which are the most important ones. On many distros they aren’t provided due to potential patents which may still pose legal issues, thus you need to install them from custom sources like the Packman repository which hosts them for a variety of distributions.

In general, it depends on the software license. If it permits it may be in the repos. Otherwise it may be in the AUR. Manjaro does not do anything above and beyond what Arch does in this regard.

I think it’s time to dip your toes in instead of asking everyone in the water how it is. :wink:

Fair fair. I did a quick test and everything seems to work fine: Youtube videos work in Firefox, downloaded mp4 and mp3 files play in all relevant applications. Thus I assume the formats are all included safely :slight_smile:

I believe gstreamer and ffmpeg (and dependencies) provide most codecs nowadays. If you have a problem reading one, you may refer to this:


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