Are AUR *-git the latest packages?

I want to install epub2txt

The AUR only has 2 versions, both from 2020, but 1 of them is: AUR (en) - epub2txt-git

If I install the -git version, will this be the 2022 version? or is it also only from 2020, because it says last updated: 12 June 2020

A git package is sometimes based on a specific snapshot of the code from a point in time. Its can be newer, but its not a guarantee of it being newer simply because it has git in the name.
In this case the git package is older. Its best to look at the Last Updated date on the AUR page to see if its newer.

So both packages are outdated right?

It looks that way, though the git one isnt flagged as out of date.

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Yes. VCS packages always pull from the latest git commit.

VCS packages cannot be out of date. The only time they would need to be updated is if there were upstream changes that require adjusting the PKGBUILD.

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In the PKGBUILD for epub2txt-git there is a function that supposedly controls which version to pull from the github:

pkgver() {
  cd "${_gitname}"
  echo $(git rev-list --count HEAD).$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)

So theoretically, even if the PKGBUILD itself is not “updated”, this particular one should pull in the latest version of epub2txt.

The one caveat is that you will not be notified of upstream updates, and will have to manually force the PKGBUILD to build again when you discover a new version was released by the upstream developers.

EDIT: Just saw that @Yochanan summarized it more succinctly in the post above. :laughing:

A lot of AUR helpers can track VCS package updates some way though.

For example yay tracks this by storing the commit hash when the package was built. With yay -Syu --devel it’ll check if the latest commit hash has changed. If so, it’ll rebuild and update…

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When checking out an AUR package, it is helpful to go to

The search above will show the two packages. Notice the text for one is red. If you select one, notice the options in the upper right hand side (i.e., PKGBUILD, FLAGGED).

Just in case:

Use the AUR at your own risk!
No support will be provided by the Manjaro team for any issues that may arise relating to software installations from the AUR. When Manjaro is updated, AUR packages might stop working. This is not a Manjaro issue
Arch User Repository - Manjaro

Most has already been said.

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