Are all the packages that I can get using APT available for pacman?

I am quite new to the Linux environment so please correct me anywhere if am wrong. I see a lot of sites where i want to install things for linux suggest using for example sudo apt-get install taskwarrior. Will all these packages be also available for pacman and the only difference would be the command?


Manjaro provides Pamac as a package manager that also works as a Software Center like. If an app is not available in our repos, even tho we provide a lot of them, there might be available in AUR. Take a look at what that is and how to use it, is well documented. Yes, you can use:
pamac install <application>
but for taskwarrior you have to use:
pamac build taskwarrior
because is in AUR

Before that make sure you install base-devel


No. Pacman has it’s own packages. Maybe they have the same name. maybe they have a different name or maybe apt has packages that pacman hasn’t.

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Does it occur quite often that pacman doesn’t have packages available in apt?

i think if you include the AUR , then it is usually the other way around.


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