ArcoLinux 19.01.4 - Many improvements



ArcoLinux 19.01.4 has been released a few days ago. After a couple of days in my VM, I’ve decided to install it on my hd. It’s not replacing my Manjaro KDE Plasma installation of course, but I’ve noticed quite a few improvements since previous versions. Thumbs up to Erik Dubois.

A few Openbox session screenshots taken today after making some cosmetic tweaks:


Apart from the cosmetic part, what else has improved? You write:

but don’t say what they are.


Last time I tried it was still named ArchMerge, a year ago or so. I remember it wasn’t very stable at least for me. I use many graphical apps like Gimp, Rawtherapee, Darktable and so on as I’m a stock photographer. Now, after a few days of testing, I found it much more solid.


So your basically saying in comparison to the roach motel it used to be, the place has been cleaned up a lot.


Did you tweak the look, or is that the way it looks OOTB?

Erik does a great job & really is a tremendous asset to the Linux community.

Would love ot put his distro on hardware, but his taste in desktop decor is much different than what I would chose. Unfortunately, so much in fact that it would take me much longer to tweak the distro than simply installing another more vanilla spin/canvas.



The first one you say. I’m not busy today so it’s tweaking day! :nerd_face:


Ok, I see that you did tweak that a bit. Thanks!


The French futuristic is just not my cup of tea. Everything Erik is doing within the Arch-based community is fantastic.

He reminds me of one of those guys like Charlie Henson or Karl Schneider. Under-the-radar, but highly influential.



Some cleaning has been done.


Roach motel is a little brash, but I get the perspective. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


OOTB is still what you get with wallpapers, silver icons and so on.


:smiley: i also played around with it last week, interesting distro
as others said… futuristic look, and french :thinking:

@sandrito the wallpaper from your screenshots, is it from Arco ?


Actually what is impressive is the videos that Eric puts out on youtube.
Even to the non-technical people, it gives atleast a high level idea on how a distro comes to shape up, package names and even some tips and tricks now and then…


In that case, you can use the ArcoLinuxD iso which gives you a graphical installer but will only install a basic environment withouth any DE.

It’s basically an Arch install that you can do with Calamares. After that you an install a DE on your own or use their scripts to do it, its easy to change the scripts and install only packages you want.


Ok, thanks for the details. I might try D. Do you have an option to connect to a wifi network after installing base?