ArcoLinux 19.01.4 - Many improvements

ArcoLinux 19.01.4 has been released a few days ago. After a couple of days in my VM, I’ve decided to install it on my hd. It’s not replacing my Manjaro KDE Plasma installation of course, but I’ve noticed quite a few improvements since previous versions. Thumbs up to Erik Dubois.

A few Openbox session screenshots taken today after making some cosmetic tweaks:


Apart from the cosmetic part, what else has improved? You write:

but don’t say what they are.


Last time I tried it was still named ArchMerge, a year ago or so. I remember it wasn’t very stable at least for me. I use many graphical apps like Gimp, Rawtherapee, Darktable and so on as I’m a stock photographer. Now, after a few days of testing, I found it much more solid.


So your basically saying in comparison to the roach motel it used to be, the place has been cleaned up a lot.


Did you tweak the look, or is that the way it looks OOTB?

Erik does a great job & really is a tremendous asset to the Linux community.

Would love ot put his distro on hardware, but his taste in desktop decor is much different than what I would chose. Unfortunately, so much in fact that it would take me much longer to tweak the distro than simply installing another more vanilla spin/canvas.



The first one you say. I’m not busy today so it’s tweaking day! :nerd_face:


Ok, I see that you did tweak that a bit. Thanks!

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The French futuristic is just not my cup of tea. Everything Erik is doing within the Arch-based community is fantastic.

He reminds me of one of those guys like Charlie Henson or Karl Schneider. Under-the-radar, but highly influential.



Some cleaning has been done.

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Roach motel is a little brash, but I get the perspective. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

OOTB is still what you get with wallpapers, silver icons and so on.

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:smiley: i also played around with it last week, interesting distro
as others said… futuristic look, and french :thinking:

@sandrito the wallpaper from your screenshots, is it from Arco ?

Actually what is impressive is the videos that Eric puts out on youtube.
Even to the non-technical people, it gives atleast a high level idea on how a distro comes to shape up, package names and even some tips and tricks now and then…


In that case, you can use the ArcoLinuxD iso which gives you a graphical installer but will only install a basic environment withouth any DE.

It’s basically an Arch install that you can do with Calamares. After that you an install a DE on your own or use their scripts to do it, its easy to change the scripts and install only packages you want.

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Ok, thanks for the details. I might try D. Do you have an option to connect to a wifi network after installing base?


Didn’t see the need to start a new thread...I just threw arcolinux on an old computer. I was too lazy to install arch and wanted to try something other than manjaro for a change. Put the build with i3 Xfce on an old iMac.

Overall I like a lot of the package choices they made for their i3 desktop. Doesn’t look nearly as snazzy as manjaro and his keyboard conventions are weird for me (apparently the French use the shift key more than most people). Little things that I always install with arch were already installed - glances, gtop for example. Nano was configured to show line numbers. All good to me.

I found it to be a bit slower than expected for reasons unknown. Graphics drivers are correct but UI is laggy. It also set up grub incorrectly, pointing to a file that wasn’t there (easily fixed). Doesn’t include update-grub by default.

I might play with the custom build script and see what happens. I don’t see how AUR packages could be included? Would the installer build them? Could be fun.

better then Manjaro and works

Come on - you can't possibly mean that Manjaro don't.

I like Arco Linux - it is a teaching experience for users new to Arch and it does it very well.

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ArchMerge and ArcheMergeD was stable as rock so all the way Arco...

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