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Hi. I am a Arch user but switched to Manjaro now. Why can’t I install a simple package like “archlinux-wallpaper” using “sudo pacman -S archlinux-wallpaper” I get this error: target not found: archlinux-wallpaper. I am able to upgrade and install other packages. There are a few more packages that gives the same error. Help please. What am I doing wrong here?

is it available in the Manjaro repo - which is what you are using
pacman -Ss archlinux-wallpaper
It may not be …

That doesn’t exist in the repositories. Keep in mind: Manjaro is not Arch.


Don’t we usually keep all packages from Arch repositories?.. :thinking:

Doesn’t exist for x86_64 but does for arm :thinking:

We updated our filters to avoid syncing similar to x64.

Are those filters publicly available? I have a hard time finding them on the Gitlab repo…

The package blacklist is available on every mirror as a hidden file; i.e,


Since it is just a wallpaper it’s hard to imagine that installing that would create problems with your Manjaro installation.
So you could just download the package and install it via
pacman -U /path/to/file

Thanks guys. No it does not cause a problem I just forgot that it is NOT Arch. All sorted. Thanks

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