Architect - post install - cannot open ZFS pool

Hello again!

After installing Manjaro XFCE with Architect with ZFS on root, upon booting I see the following message:

cannot open 'ZFS-jaro': no such pool
no pools available to import

after which I can only see the desktop background and nothing else. The pool is definitely there, as I can switch to tty2 and see it with zpool list.

Here’s the m-a.log, pacman.log along with /etc/fstab:

Are those fstab entries supposed to be commented out?

Probably, because zfs uses it’s own mounting system instead of fstab?

@dalto @mbod Do you know something about this error?

They are commented out because they are mounted by zfs.

Is it stopping at this point or does it continue booting? If it continues booting, you can ignore that message. It is caused because the zfs mkinitcpio hook is trying to import the pool twice.

If you are getting past the initramfs I suspect your issue isn’t related to that error. It may not even be related to zfs.

I suppose booting has finished. It just stops at the manjaro default desktop background and does nothing else.

You’re probably right that it may not be related to ZFS, because I have full access to / and /home/<user>. I originally thought this was ZFS related because during the package installation process I saw this error

[2020-11-04T21:05:51+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] modprobe: FATAL: Module zfs not found in directory /lib/modules/5.8.16-2-MANJARO

That looks like your running kernel may have been different than your installed kernel. That probably was solved when you rebooted.

Check the logs for lightdm errors.

seat0-greeter.log has some:

** (lightdm-gtk-greeter:2437): WARNING **: 16:43:09.985: [PIDs] Failed to execute command: /usr/libexec/at-spi-bus-launcher

** (lightdm-gtk-greeter:2437): WARNING **: 16:43:09.987: [PIDs] Failed to execute command: systemd

(lightdm-gtk-greeter:2437): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:43:10.253: Drawing a gadget with negative dimensions. Did you forget to allocate a size? (node menubar owner GreeterMenuBar)

You can see more details here (lightdm logs):

Sorry, it actually turned out that I just needed to be a little more patient for the login window to pop up (~20sec after desktop appears).

Once logged in, everything seems to be fine. Login just seems to be a little slow.

At any rate, thank you very much for the help @dalto @Chrysostomus!

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