Architect edition: What packages to install so I can get a base/minimum install of gnome?

as above. I installed gnome using the architect edition. I selected the predefined "gnome" desktop selection and I also selected the minimal option. The resulting desktop has the same number of apps as if I installed the manjaro gnome edition (which I believe only has the full edition).


ps. I'm confused at the part of which display server to use. The preselected one is the Xorg.

Install an M-A custom system, rather than use the predefined Manjaro package profiles (ie Desktop System).

Requires a little more knowledge, but the end result is as lean as you could want.

Install the base system, bootloader, a display server with drivers, and vanilla gnome desktop with display manager (ie gdm). This will be as lean as possible, no apps, install only those you need.

You'll be missing all the Manjaro specific DE integration too, but shouldn't be too difficult to setup after if you actually want to.

If you are unsure do some test installs in Virtualbox first, once you have it down pat then do your bare metal installation.

If you want to know what is in the gnome package group first ...

pacman -Sg gnome
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Xorg or wayland or both? Thanks

Dunno, don't use Gnome.

You may need to configure Wayland, if not already enabled.

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I have asked this a few times and I found that it is easier to just install the main edition and uninstall everything you don't want.

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