Architect Download hangs

Using architect hoping to eventually install enlightenment, but architect hangs on download when installing base system. Has happened twice at same place using two different mirrors; attempting to download llvm-libs-8.0.1. This install is in a vm on a macbook pro if that matters. No errors or message provided. Download just sits there with a blinking.
Any ideas on how to get past this?

Try using an up-to-date mirror.

Either use the mirrorservice or use pacman-mirrors to create an updated mirrorlist for your branch.

It is worth noting that @AJSlye has created a Manjaro spinoff with the Enlightenment desktop.

Try searching the forum - I remember seeing a link somewhere.

I'm actually still working on that, no ISO yet.

On the second try, I used pacman-mirrors to create a better and different list of mirrors which had fast response time. Failed both times at same place.
Thanks for the hint on @AJSlye's spinoff.
Absent a solution, I'll next try on a different machine.

For the record: I eventually determined I did it to myself. I didn't check the RAM assigned to the VM and it was too low at 768 MB. Processes were constrained and then memory was exhausted. Fixed that and it eventually ran to completion with a CLi config. I'll add Enlightenment later

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So what your saying is, that it was a PLBKAC error? LOL :wink:

Yes, many problems arise there.

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