Architect "cannot stat '*'"



Has anyone seen this error before? I’ve run into this multiple times now across multiple systems when trying to install Manjaro via the architect installer. It pops up immediately after the kernel install step, and if I hit “ok”, the system begins to hang while showing the message “enabling services”. I’ve installed successfully with architect in the past (as recently as 17.0.1), and I’m not sure where I’m going wrong here. Any help is much appreciated. UEFI 64 bit install.


Could you post your /var/log/m-a.log?


Here’s the full log:

:: manjaro-architect 0.9.2-1 ::
10/03/17 18:04:57 system: UEFI, init: systemd nw-client: nmtui
10/03/17 18:05:00 set LANG=en_US.UTF-8
10/03/17 18:05:00 set font ter-116n
10/03/17 18:05:00 loadkeys us
10/03/17 18:05:20 refresh database
10/03/17 18:05:26 loadkeys us
10/03/17 18:05:30 --------- [lsblk] ------------
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sda1 100M
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sda2 465.7G
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdb1 128M
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdb2 450M
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdb3 100M
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdb4 930.9G
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdc1 468.5M
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdc2 4M
10/03/17 18:05:30 /dev/sdd1 3.7T
10/03/17 18:05:30 already mounted: sdc1
10/03/17 18:05:31 ignore crypted:
10/03/17 18:05:31 in partitions delete item /dev/sdc1 no: 12 / 13
10/03/17 18:05:31 partitions: /dev/sda1 100M /dev/sda2 465.7G /dev/sdb1 128M /dev/sdb2 450M /dev/sdb3 100M /dev/sdb4 930.9G /dev/sdc2 4M /dev/sdd1 3.7T
10/03/17 18:05:43 mount /dev/sda2 as mkfs.ext4 -q.
10/03/17 18:05:43 create mountpoint /mnt
10/03/17 18:05:52 mount /dev/sda2 noatime
10/03/17 18:05:58 Swapfile fallocate
10/03/17 18:05:58 Swapfile chmod
10/03/17 18:05:58 Swapfile mkswap
10/03/17 18:05:58 Swapfile swapon
10/03/17 18:06:03 mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/sda1
10/03/17 18:06:04 create /mnt/boot/efi
10/03/17 18:06:04 mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi
10/03/17 18:06:32 edit pacman.conf 1
10/03/17 18:07:36 edit pacman-mirrors.conf
10/03/17 18:09:02 refresh pacman-keys
10/03/17 18:09:17 Install needed pkg git.
10/03/17 18:09:18 clone profiles repo Cloning into ‘/usr/share/manjaro-architect/profiles’…
10/03/17 18:09:27 selected: “yaourt + base-devel” linux413
10/03/17 18:09:30 filter_packages
10/03/17 18:09:31 packages to install: acpi acpid b43-fwcutter base-devel bash btrfs-progs bzip2 coreutils cpupower crda cronie cryptsetup device-mapper dhclient dhcpcd diffutils dmraid dnsmasq dosfstools e2fsprogs ecryptfs-utils efibootmgr exfat-utils f2fs-tools file filesystem findutils gawk gcc-libs gettext glibc grep gzip haveged inetutils intel-ucode iproute2 iptables iputils ipw2100-fw ipw2200-fw jfsutils less licenses linux413 linux-firmware logrotate lsb-release lvm2 man-db manjaro-firmware manjaro-release manjaro-system man-pages mdadm memtest86+ mhwd mhwd-db mkinitcpio-openswap nano nfs-utils nilfs-utils ntfs-3g os-prober pacman pciutils pcmciautils perl procps-ng psmisc reiserfsprogs rsync sed shadow s-nail sudo sysfsutils systemd-sysvcompat tar texinfo tlp usbutils util-linux vi wget which wpa_supplicant xfsprogs yaourt zd1211-firmware zsh
10/03/17 18:20:02 install basepkgs
10/03/17 18:20:02 configure vconsole
10/03/17 18:20:02 copy pacman.conf
10/03/17 18:20:02 base installed succesfully.
10/03/17 18:20:02 ERROR [copy overlay][1] cp: cannot stat ‘*’: No such file or directory


It seems that you choose the option to install desktop system, but didn’t choose any desktop. You can try to work around this by choosing “Install CLI system” if you don’t want to have a graphical interface.

But it is a bug, I’ll try to reproduce and fix it.


Thanks, that got me past it. I like to install the base system, and then chroot into the new install to set up the packages I want. I kinda assumed that the “CLI System” wouldn’t show me a mhwd prompt, but good to know it does appear.

Thanks again!


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