Arch Logo as "Start Button" instead of Manjaro logo after update (Gnome)


I recently updated my system and after a reboot I now have an Arch logo instead of the Manjaro “M” in the upper left corner in Gnome. Also my start menu disappeared when I click the button. Is there a way to make this like it was before? Any help is really appreciated. Thank you!

What themes/extensions are being used ?

Just the ones that are being installed with Manjaro. I only changed the icons.

What is the result of
gsettings get enabled-extensions
in a terminal?

I get the following result:

[‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’]

Try for now to disable arc-menu extension via extensions app

The arc-menu extension is disabled already. I can only enable it and then I get a menu that is similar to the Manjaro one but it looks a bit different.

Can you post a screenshot of the problem?