Arch Linux on Windows???
So is it safe to asume that Manjaro will soon follow?
Will this be seen as a good idea buy linux/unix purest?
Are we jumping the gun asuming that is a good thing ?
Is this a step in the direction of buying a Manjaro computer ftom a store?

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sure yes



You already can. Bladebooks are available via the main site.

Arch Linux in the Windows Store? Is this some kind of joke? Most Windows users can't even reinstall Windows :rofl:


I'm getting a 404.

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you forgot something required ,
for WSL2 - windows & linux , to be on Windowstore , you have to get a shim boot ...

404. That’s an error.

The requested URL /v/s/ was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
Perhaps a late April 1st prank

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No. There's no absolutely no point in using Manjaro under WSL.


I haven't seen any support questions on this over on the Arch forums and looking forward to the replies of the first help request.
Only post on Arch Linux on Windows can be found here from the Arch Forums.
Post number 5 sums it up quickly.



This is not one-sided love. Linux distributions are loving the new Microsoft and are willingly bringing command line utilities to the Microsoft Store.

Hello everybody,
sorry for the delay. I thought about this a little bit longer and I came
to the conclusion that this project will not work without the full
support of all developers. So I guess, I will inform Microsoft that we
won't participate in their programm.

This does not make sense.. :wink:

They can't work out how to make CMD easy to use so lets use a Linux terminal pick their brains.
Then we can patent it here in the US and sue the world for breaking our patent.

Thanks for the answers guys
I am doing a bit more research and was wondering if they were making it easy to dual boot... which i am not always wild about....

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