Arch Linux now ships signal-desktop - Can we too?

It seems that Signal is now an official community package on Arch. Would it be possible to ship it on Manjaro now too? I'm not sure how this works. I would prefer getting it directly from the Arch repos than from the Aur or through Discover.

From our friend @Foxboron on Reddit:

"Fun story actually! We where a bunch of people at 36C3. Kpcyrd had some wishes to distribute signal-desktop, but because of trademark there is some consent at play. We found moxie and chatted with him for a few minutes and he thought it shouldn't be a problem. Also managed to hand him 2 Arch stickers!"

I think this is where the package is:


we'll inherit it from them, no need to do anything. it's already in unstable.


Oh, my bad! I didn't know. Is there any way to get it earlier, without switching to Unstable? Or is the process of inheritance generally pretty fast?

theoretically you could grab the package directly and install it, but without knowing what versions of other packages it's built against you have no way of knowing if it'll break using your branch. partial updates are not supported. you'll see quoted all over and for good reason.

however, this one is probably a pretty self-contained package, and if it breaks will probably only break itself, so if you're feeling lucky (and are backed up) you can try it. there's a download from mirror link on that arch page you linked.

stable updates are usually every couple of weeks, unless something weird is broken in testing holding it up.

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You can try installing it via snap since it's isolated from core packages.

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