Arch-Linux (even paid) software for muffling / protecting the identity of individuals in recording

To refer to my self as a Newbie, would a insult to Newbie (just to clarify my experience with both Linux, also Forums)

If I’m breaking any guidelines or simply annoying people, with questions that should be obvious, i sincerely apologize!!

… The Titel / Subject of my Question, at least to me, says it all - Software for protecting Peoples Identities by PROFESSIONALY alterting voices in a Recording (NOT into an Ogre, Alien etc)

Again if I’m breaking any guidelines, or otherwise annoying people … I truly apologize!!


EDIT: Okay, now I think I get it. Your thread title about “Arch Linux” threw me off.

You’re basically asking if there is any software that runs under Linux (preferably available for Manjaro and/or AUR) in which you can distort a person’s voice to protect their identify, such as a whistle blower?

What’cha got against ogres and aliens? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You mean something like Dalek Voice Changer? :robot: :laughing:

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Lyrebird is in the AUR. But you’re on your own, since I’m not sure how feasible these are for your needs, and the package hasn’t been updated for 8 months.

Maybe I should’ve been a little bit more informative…

Lets say I might been I a situation, where I would need to release some Audio files… BUT I’m in a dilemma, this dilemma being that I on the one hand would be able to clear my name.
BUT I would also be forced to reveal the Identity of other Individuals than myself, that I couldn’t live with (figuratively speaking!!)

BUT if I, on the other hand, could alter / protect the Identity of my sources, still leaving my own voice unaltered…
… That’s what I’m searching for!

(Imagine when Journalists / News Shows etc. release Audio files, but alter the voices on that recording - to protect there sources / or them selves for being sued … to clarify, I’m not claiming to be a Journalist at all!!)

Okay, so not a “real-time” voice changer.

What you’re describing is possible with Audacity. You load up the audio file, highlight the areas where the other person is speaking, and apply the Voice Change effect only on those specific areas.

EDIT: Nevermind. Looks like the plugin is not available for Linux. :frowning:

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