i fixed it with no password its gone

I tried again to install arch-deepin no luck on this gigabyte nvme so I tried arco-linux it worked with calamares after 2 tries so looks like Calamares is the answer for installer

Out of curiosity, you said after 2 tries. What happened during the first?

just wouldnt recognise the nvme would not even see it in gparted

Can an admin please close this?

Its just getting spammed by the same individual, the fix has already been posted, if you can not fix it then I suggest you put on your armbands & stabilizers and go back to Manjaro until your more competent with arch.

This distro is meant for people who can install arch but don't have the time or patience. Posting what we already know without any supporting data doesn't help anyone and is considered SPAM




Closed by OPs request

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