Arch deepin ISO with installer



Hey you didn’t talk about iso creation procedure at all.I’m interested in it


me not so lucky, it looks the same, im thinking it might have to do with fact some window title bar buttons are on the left and some on the right, mostly left.
hah, even the progress bar in pamac moves from right to left


Its not just the buttons though, its the whole thing lol

I don’t know what to suggest, nobody else has that problem.

Try rebooting, usually works :smile:


yeah, maybe the sixth time is the charm. so all of your title bar buttons are on the right? so far only pamac is the only one that is a mirror funhouse


Just thinking, maybe some arabic font got installed, don’t they read right to left???

You see what I’m saying?

Maybe have a look through the fonts and remove the unusual ones, careful you don’t brick the system!

May have to rebuild yay and pamac as they will be in the build package.


one way to find out


Keep me posted :wink:


Hi Shirin,

Still working on it :wink:


fixed, it was a language pack “yi” , removed, reboot, and deepin mirror funhouse is gone


it fixed the crazy pamac and all the title bar buttons are now on the right like i wanted them . thanks.


Thanks for letting me know, I will remove them in next build, thanks a lot dglt :wink:


im guessing it came along with deepin, yi is a chinese language


Probably, its was a pure guess, but its fixed

Thanks again dglt :slight_smile:


np, thank you, this really does work great. i tried anarchy (the one who says it removed “arch” entirely from its name, formerly “arch anywhere”) and after the installer failed a few times and i got it working, it wasnt anything like the installer you created, aside from that small language issue that only i had an issue with, it works perfect. i have no reason to jump ship from manjaro, its been too good to me, but if manjaro were to ever disappear , your installer would be the way i would go , quick,clean and just works


Updated archdeepin.iso availaible:

*fixed the font error

Windows effects are turned off by default and uses metacity compositing-manager (enable windows effects in control-center)

Turned off hot corners

Random tweaks in the backend

swapped firefox for chromium
swapped screenfetch for neofetch

still looking for a fix to remove install icon after install

more info:

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