Arch deepin ISO with installer



I managed to build an arch iso with deepin desktop, I added an installer to the iso
I have tested it in virtualbox and on hardware, both install and working
Never thought I’d be able to do it, but it turns out its not that hard, unless I just got lucky but I doubt that!! lol

If anybody wants to test it for me and give feedback I will post a link. I do need to build a new iso for bare metal to remove the virtualbox-guest errors, but it does install fine.


Post the link… and the process you followed. I for one would be interested to see exactly what you did. :wink:



Thanks for your interest in the iso :slight_smile:

If your testing it in virtualbox:

  1. Boot archlinux (x86_64)
  2. at login type: startx
  3. Once desktop appears in a terminal type: sudo /abif-master/abif
  4. Go through the install process in order.
  5. After install Close installer & Reboot

After install

  1. in a terminal do a sudo pacman -Syy
  2. then update with sudo pacman -Syu

Also works on real hardware if you’d like to try that, after install run through the After install as above and uninstall the virtualbox-guest-modules then install your gfx drivers.

Any problems let me know, its still a work in progress so I will be doing more to the iso in due course.


Actually the process I am most interested in involves how you build the iso… :wink:


Hi Mark

Well if it doesn’t work for you, I obviously don’t know the process, hence the testing.
Once I’ve got it working on other peoples machines I will post the process, no point writing it up if it doesn’t work!?

It Works for me, might not work for you?

Thanks again


Updated the ISO

Option to create a swapfile if you don’t create a swap partition in the install process

If your testing:

  1. At auto login type: startx
  2. Double click installer on desktop (added installer icon)
  3. Go through the install process in order.
  4. After install Close installer & Reboot

After install

  1. in a terminal do a sudo pacman -Syy
  2. then update with sudo pacman -Syu
  3. use like any other arch install

Added software:
(customized the deepin-terminal)

Please give feedback if you test, thanks



ill give it a go, downloading it now. ill spin it up on gnome boxes since i have no extra hardware to test on at the moment


No problem, let me know if you have any problems. I have set up a website for the project

Some info on there to get you going, I will also upload any new ISOs to that site, still a work in progress.



gnome boxes ran the live iso no problem, installed no problem. after reboot it makes it just past grub and stops (could be something i did, kids driving me batshit crazy) . im trying it on vbox now


looks/feels very nice, working great in quemu/kvm. i know what i did wrong when i tried running in gnome boxes, i accidentally skipped the host,user/pw secction. nice job:+1:


Thanks for testing and the feedback dglt, much appreciated :wink:
I should have another ISO done by weekend with a few changes

  • will boot into the gui without having to startx
  • added a desktop icon for the installer
  • added some of my custom wallpapers

Still deciding on whether to add pamac package manager or leave it up to the end user, I don’t want to overload it with software, just leave it up to the end user.

The Idea behind it is to have a quick way to install arch with the deepin desktop, I may do others once I have finished this one, KDE, GNOME, MATE etc.

I will post about the new ISO here, once I have uploaded it :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Thanks to everyone who tested and gave feedback :wink:

Hopefully Final Build:


i cant for the life of me get the title bar buttons moved from the left (exit>max>min) to the right side of the title bar (min>max>exit) . and even stranger, i installed pamac and the entire layout is in reverse as if you were looking at it in a mirror, i looked for themes to change this, looked in dconf searched forums and still cant figure it out. other than this so far working excellent


That is weird, how did you install pamac?


git clone, i did that for both yaourt and pamac, there were a few obstacles (gsfonts error while installing and had to manually install some dependencies before it would allow pamac to install) pamac, aside from being in reverse works fine.

are the title bar buttons intentionally on the left and how could i change this?


Somebody else who was testing said they installed yay & pamac and had the gsfonts error when installing, once he removed them it ran fine.

rm -rf /usr/share/fonts/gsfonts

also note he installed yay and not yaourt I did not include yaourt, its unsafe, not being maintained.

All I can suggest is uninstall yaourt and try yay, maybe try removing them fonts?

Thanks for the feedback dglt, really appreciated :wink:

I will make a note to remove them fonts in the next build

Let me know how it goes



i had to remove them to get pamac to install and let pamac install them as a dependency , ill try removing yaourt and install yay


I Just tested it in a vm,

  1. sudo rm -rf /usr/share/fonts/gsfonts
  2. install yay
  3. yay pamac-aur

Works flawlessly :wink:


if it werent for learning the hard way i would learn nothing at all , is your pamac in reverse?


lol tell me about it. no its absolutely fine.