Arc-themes-Maia and Arc-firefox-theme-maia



:grin: and i did a thank you @shaneramone for give me the idea …

thank @kouros17 for your screenshot :slight_smile:


I will try out the new icons as soon as possible it looks really nice but I hope it goes okay for dark backgrounds


Thanks @Ste74 it looks great!


Thank you @Ste74 for this awesome Themes!
but I noticed that when I install Arc-firefox-theme and choose it in the extensions it ain’t applied even after restart the browser, what it could make this?

thank you again , Cheers


Hi , in origin you have the vertex maia theme ?If yes you have to remove the chrome folder into the ~/.mozilla/your_profile/


yea I have the vertex-maia but what do you mean by chrome folder? o.o
it’s firefox not chrome ?


I know … is only a folder chrome but not related with Chrome browser … check in your home folder
and enable to view the hiddens files and folders , open the .mozilla folder
open your profiles-default folder and you see the chrome folder … remove it or rename it …
ah forgot to remeber you all this operation with firefox close :wink:


Thank you very much @Ste74 it worked :wink:
btw, it’s called manjaro-default not profiles-default maybe on the unstable is profiles-default
btw where is the arc-maia-icon-theme ?


My pleasure … the arc-maia-icon-theme is in unstable at the moment ( not moved for now in other branch … i can do soon ) if you want install you can switch temporary into unstable :
sudo pacman-mirrors -g -b unstable
sudo pacman -Syy
ignore any advice to update you system and only do
sudo pacman -S arc-maia-icon-theme
then revert
sudo pacman-mirrors -g -b stable
sudo pacman -Syy

that’s all :wink:


Lovely! but I think I should wait until land in stable :wink:



btw I installed the arc-icon-theme but it’s missing some icons I think or it’s broken maybe?


No not broken , this is expected if you read the optional depends you see other fallback icons … install also moka or elementary icons and all icons are presents … arc-maia-icon-theme is based on arc-icon-theme


I see, I installed it from the pamac so it’s not seeing that


the icons dont quite work well with nemo sorry to say, but that is due to moka I imagine


Yes , arc icons theme is not a complete set … need fallback icons… you can try also with elementary icons :wink:


Yeah think I’ll try the elementary icons




I tried to install arc-themes-solid-maia, but this package will not install because of a conflict with the non solid version arc-themes-maia… shouldn’t it be possible to install both themes at the same time?
Moreover, trying to remove arc-themes-maia starts all sorts of problems since it is required by manjaro-gnome-settings - is it supposed to be?


Yep , you are right … let me see to correct the pkgs to install at the same time only a note if a user install the solid version when correct it the user have to select again i.e. i change the name in index.theme to match the theme …