Arc-themes-Maia and Arc-firefox-theme-maia



Hi community :slight_smile: when i have created the adapta-maia-theme i was unhappy b ecause it not provide an extension for Firefox so some days ago i have created the arc-firefox-theme-maia for firefox . This theme is possible install via add-on menu on firefox ( yes is a really extension for firefox like the original theme ).

Well , today after work with Atom editor i 'm proud to announce the creation of the Arc-Themes-Maia : all arc stuff are replaced with a green variant . If anyone want test are welcome ( are in unstable now ) :slight_smile:

And if anyone want suggest or create a personal variation this is the pkgbuild :slight_smile:

Theming GNOME help
Outstanding October (2016) Screenshots

Thanks a lot Ste74! :slight_smile:


Stefano, seems a lot of the gray is still blue-ish. Maybe you can find some equivalents using this page, as it suggest the similar colour for the next base colour available.


Hi @philm , you mean firefox theme, de theme or both ?

EDIT : Uhmm found example this rgba(0, 0, 255, 0.2) found another variation of blue in cinnamon .css style … thank you to point me to colorhexa site :wink:


Stefano, keep it up. I like it so far. Good theme by the way …


For me it’s a fun play with Manjaro :slight_smile: is a pleasure :wink:


@Ste74 the only issue I found is that the green color of “unistall button” in “extensions” is not the correct one:


Better little green dark ? is this color : #7EEEC7


After the last update the color has fixed! :grin:
Thanks a lot @Ste74!


Just wanted to stop by and say thanks again. If I could like you more I would.


Great job
It was very beautiful!


Hi !
This theme is great !
Where can i found the git source, i can’t find it ?



Hi… ops , i have to correct the first message…
Here the pkgbuild :

not exist a github repo because this theme modify on the fly the original arc-theme…


I hope this theme stays, its really nice looking :smiley:


The PKGBUILD is a piece of art in itself! :thumbsup:


To complete this arc-theme set i have created the arc-maia-icon-theme

Sorry for the bad preview but this is a .svg ( source template ) exported in .jpg format :sweat_smile:

Just January (2017) Screenshots

I like that green color you used on the icons :slight_smile:


Thank you , here the pkgbuild … modify on the fly :wink:


In unstable now :wink:


Beautiful icon-theme, thanks a lot Ste74!