Arabic forum !?

Would you please create an Arabic sub form with name
المنتدى العربي

Thank you.

It wont be very useful if there arent any users. We dont have a section for every language :wink:

But maybe we could make a poll or something? ?
I will add it to your post I think.

Edit - nevermind I guess we cant in this section, or maybe I just dont have the powerz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@cscs, please keep in mind - it needs to be moderated. Is there an Arabic speaking moderator around?


True enough. maybe @moderators might answer.

We might have to wait for more Arabic speakers to create a new section.

I don’t think we have any Arabic speaker moderator yet.

Thank you for coming up with this idea. Maybe we can do some post to gather more Arabic speaking Manjaro users?

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I don’t want to come across as impolite and dismissive, but you just registered the new forum a week ago, you have spend 6 minutes reading and now you ask for something you asked on the archived forum too:

There you mentioned:

Who are this WE you talked about? How many are you?
I don’t see any volunteering in the archived forum, nor here. What is to consider to promote you as moderator?


This topic is going a wrong way and before it becomes a rant it will be closed now.