Arabic forum ??

it's highly required to create sub forum for Arabic Languages المنتدي العربي
more than 24 Countries speaks arabic and there are arabic sections in other Linux communities, due to fast evolving and high. popularity of the distro in Arabs area you may take step forward and create the sub section with the words
المنتدى العربي


It would be nice, I do not know arabic but I like the visual of that writing!

I see only one problem (I am not manjaro team) it will need some moderators to clean up off topics, trolls etc...


we gona volunteer, as we used to, will managed posts, I don't think it will be a problem.

As I said I am not manjaro team but if it will be my responsibility I would need to find trusted user to clean spammers, off topic, trolls, haters, etc... how non arabic speaking person will know that in arabic forum is KDE/Gnome war what is not allowed, forum needs to be about Linux, problems not what is better what is bad. Just my two cents... You will see what Manjaro team will answer you.

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A high-rep user that speaks fluent Arabic that volunteers to be a TL4 could be a stop-gap measure before being promoted to full mod. (additional hint to the existing moderators who don't speak arabic )


looolz it seems Manjaro forum policies and restriction are very high.:thinking:

Mxlinux and endeavourOS has created Arabic section directly after our request.

will lookup after forum admin response

@philm Can you make this happen?

To ensure we don't chase Arabic-speaking people away from Manjaro we need an existing TL3 that:

  • speaks and writes Arabic fluently
  • wants to be promoted to TL4
  • willing to volunteer to moderate the :Arabic-speaking community
  • be willing to be promoted to moderator after the TL4-trial period.

Because without an Arabic-speaking forum moderator the forum will fill up with trolls in no time, unfortunately. :sob:

It's easy to create the section, it's hard to herd a bunch of cats:


:innocent: :+1:

P.S. The Manjaro community is such a friendly community because of all the hard work of the mods (and not everyone appreciates all of their work all of the time) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
P.P.S. لا أنا لا أتطوع ، لأنني أستطيع التحدث باللغة العربية ، لكن لا يمكنني القراءة أو الكتابة العربية.

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I haven't seen many threads posted in Arabic so it doesn't look like there is a significant user-base.

Yes. So high that it might take longer than 24 hours for someone to see the thread and respond to it. :roll_eyes:

How busy are those forums? Probably not quite as busy as this one?

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Not a single post in the arabic section in the last seven month @ mxlinux.

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no many threads in your forum because may be ppl is unable to navigate through your forum using english, other topics regarding Manjaro are exist in many arabic websites and youtube,

regarding MX community i guess the situation is different here regarding Manjaro (maybe).

i have been working in Many Arabization project since fedora core 3, and do my best to make arabization in such big community available for more than 24 countries speaking Arabic just to spread the FSF philosophy and Linux.
i understand your reasons not to create the forum (at least for now), hope we can do it in the near future .

thank you

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