Apps starts with delay after login

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I have a problem when starting Manjaro Gnome that my startup apps all start very delayed. As if they are waiting for something, although I have not set any delay via Gnome. Is there any way to see what takes how long to start at login time? After the first Login, everything starts normally fast, but while login it take some seconds to start apps.

Is there some tool that shows the start time of every application that startup on login? like “systemd-analyze blame” but for apps instead of services?


sudo pacman -Rdd xdg-desktop-portal-gnome
sudo pacman -S xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

On gnome this should not be necessary.

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Sadly this did not help :neutral_face:

i saved my log from last boot:

I don’t know what slows down the start of applications after login

normally i auto-start five applications when I’m login:

  • Joplin → start first
  • Thunderbird → take some seconds to start
  • Syncthing → take a while
  • Mega-sync client → takes also a while
  • Steam → does not start at all

if i try to start them (or other apps) manually, they took very long to start. after a while everything works normal. So i think something is slowing down everything.

i also tried to remove megasync and syncthing from autostart but no change.

I noticed something!

It must be related to my user account or my profile!

I just created a test account and now the application starts immediately without delay! The same with the account of my girlfriend.

The question is now, how do I get out what triggers this behavior?

Mhhh Since I can’t find the error and troubleshooting takes too long I have a workaround for the problem: I renamed my home folder and created a new one. I now have to make a few settings again, but that is faster than searching forever.

So you had corruption or just straight up bad configuration in your original HOME … and it is ‘fixed’ now by creating a new one (wiping out the old HOME and all configs)?
That might be a viable approach … though the issue may return after you re-apply some certain configuration.

I did not delete my old home. I just renamed it and create a new home. Then I transferred just the essential configs from the old to new. Like thunderbird, Firefox, steam and all my g one extension.

I’ll monitor if something else trigger this again. Maybe it was really just a corrupted file or config. Will see if this happens again.

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