Apps & other utils not opening

Hi everyone newbie here.

I’ve worked my way through what i thought was a successful install but I’ve encountered a few issues.

The latest one is that some icons have simply gone missing (Window Tiling Pop Shell icon that should be in the top right disappeared. I enabled it in the layout menu - but still it didn’t return).

The Settings listing that should be in the list along with Wireless and Wired and the Power options is missing. I don’t even know where to find that anymore! !
Screenshot from 2020-12-17 15-45-18|298x296

Finally some things just don’t open - I clicked all 3 of: Change Background, Display Settings & Settings. None opened. !
Screenshot from 2020-12-17 15-45-18|298x296

Anyone encountered anything like this? Starting to wonder if this is a dud install… :frowning: :pensive:

I encountered the same problem I think where I couldn’t open gnome settings and other things. I remember installing another gnome settings manager clone and it kinda worked and did some weird stuff then later it all worked. I don’t know what caused it but I think it could have been because I installed cinnamon and mate settings tools which could have caused it.

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