Appmenu/whiskermenu icons


When it comes to visual customization, I usually make a custom appmenu panel icon to match the given theme. I thought I would share them here.
Requests are welcome.

pure white

white with gradient

Fantastic February (2018) Screenshots
Anyone Have The New Manjaro Logo Icon In White?
Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)

hey, me and my friend are actually looking for a new whisker icon and well were desperate at this point. we have a icon only that is has a black background and is the old logo, could you be a pal and help us? we would appreciate it! thanks.


oh and make it wider :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!


Love them, using one of them in KDE


Did you mean something like this


oh my, that’s perfect! thanks for making me and my friends linux our linux, apreciate it! i know you weren’t asking for a request but thanks for accepting and doing that amazing thing. have a good one!


Request white version ?



Done, see them in the first post.


Nice works @muser wondering if you have done any 3D like button icons?

Tho love my more 3d version found on google image search.
Don’t know who made it. But more my tastes.

Fits better with more 3d type multi-color icon themes.


I tried it with the border, too, but then you’d have to make the panel bigger in order for the icon to be discernible, otherwise it’s too small. I could update what you have with the new logo if you want. Do you prefer this green or some other colour(s)?


Nope is fine and the icon is original size on top image which scales good to my vertical panel 2nd image.
Just wondering is if you did some more 3D’ish kind of icons is all.

Keep Up the Outstanding Works you provide! :relaxed:

And did notice if I go too thin on width. Then there is a disparity of applications icons vs. menu icon size.


Some customized KDE appmenu icons

Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)

Any idea how I get one of these on my KDE Applicationt menu button?


If you right click on your menu icon and go in its settings, you can choose there to either use the default icon or a custom icon that you can give the location of.


So easy and still I didn’t know that.


.png size 220x220px (200x200px logo with 10px transparent margin)




pure white

white shaded


dark silver


Those are all awesome, I’m in request mode…can you do one with the silver Manjaro logo you just used on the wallpaper you made for me here Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)? I love that look. Also is it possible to have a seperate group of these that when applied don’t cover the entire height of the panel? To explain, have the icon have a bit of translucent space around it so it renders a bit smaller when applied to the Whisker Menu. Then it’ll match most of the heights of the icons already in the panel. Does that make sense?

Edit: The red brick colored one you posted above has that effect (appears a bit smaller in the panel), maybe just a bit more space around it.


Yeah, I know what you mean, I added a 10px margin around it, check if it’s enough (it’s also the silver logo you asked for). If it’s ok, I’ll do the rest.



@muser Perfect!


Did you ever get to modify the other colors like this one? It’s looking great in the panel.