Application panel in GNOME 42 Settings is empty on fresh install

I recently installed Manjaro on another computer; and after updating to GNOME 42, discovered that the Application Panel/application list was empty. All it shows is No applications and “Install some” on a button.

Have the same issue with the empty Application panel after update. Have you fixed it? Also i rebuilt AUR packages with pamac upgrade -a. Don’t know if this could cause a conflict.

I have the same issue after the last update running Manjaro Ruah 21.3.0.

Notice the same behavior on Manjaro 21.3.4. Empty tab with one button

The same on 21.3.6

Can I see a screenshot about the issue?

@Chrysostomus I just discovered I see the same problem:

Same here on Manjaro and Endeverous installs. What for is that settings screen anyway?

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It’s a known issue. There’s now an Arch bug report about it: FS#75501 - [gnome-control-center] Applications panel empty when malcontent is not installed. FS#75305 - [gnome-control-center] Application panel is empty if malcontent is not installed


If you install malcontent and restart, applications appear. Found in the link for the bug above