Application launcher search gives "gimp" as the first result when i search for "sign"

This is a small but incredibly annoying issue I’m suddenly having with plasma’s application launcher. If I search for “signal” and I type in “sign”, I get GIMP as the first result… so when I press enter, it opens gimp

This wasn’t the case before and I have built muscle memory of starting gimp by pressing the super key and typing “sign” and pressing enter. I really cannot explain this behaviour. The desktop file for gimp does not mention the letters “sign” anywhere… can anyone help to fix?

OK, I think I have a clue as to what’s going on. The desktop file for gimp does indeed contain the letters “sign”, it lists the keyword “design”. I know this is the issue because if i type in “signa” GIMP disappears. Though it’s strange that this gets priority over the actual name of the application. Perhaps I should file a bug.

I guess a workaround would be to delete the “design” keyword from the design app. Not sure if there’s another solution

You probably have Baloo indexing file content as well as the filenames. Check your settings… :point_down:

Indeed I do, but this is intentional. I want baloo to index the contents of my PDFs in particular

You can exclude directories from indexing — see the red arrow on the right in my screenshot.

In your case, I would add an exclusion on /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications, which are the directories where the .desktop files live that are used by the Application Launcher.

You may need to purge Baloo’s database after this, though. :point_down:

balooctl purge

The thing is, I haven’t specified /usr/share/applications in the indexing service, so I don’t think it’s indexed in the first place. I did list my home directory for indexing, but hidden folders are disabled, so it shouldn’t index .local. Also, I couldn’t find any gimp-related desktop apps in ~/.local/share/applications.

Also, while searching for desktop files and other things in my .local folder, for some reason, the problem fixed itself. I’m not sure how, I haven’t changed any indexing settings. It might be temporary, I have no idea.`

/usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop contains:


That’s why KDE launcher show Gimp for “sign” because it’s a substring of “design”, if you remove “design” word from that list, you will not see Gimp in the result.

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If this is really the reason, if you ask me, this is a UX flaw or a bug. I should probably report it somewhere. It should prioritize matching the name rather than keywords, or at least sort the results in that order.

However, this is a good workaround for now

I don’t think so, keywords have the same priority for some users. Many Linux launchers were created to include those keywords, but you can open a wishlist in KDE Bug Tracker and convince them if you have an alternative search model.

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