Application Launcher not responsive in certain regions on cursor hover

I’ve noticed Application Launcher is not responsive when hovering across categories, but only across certain regions of it.

Example (replace xx with tt coz of links not being allowed but I need to show an image):

When moving mouse up and down across red region, the highlight follows cursor instantly and does so without exception every single time and stuff on right side (actual apps within that category) refresh instantly. If I hover mouse across blue region, I sometimes pass 3 categories and highlight is stuck in one place and then jumps to cursor position on 4th category. It seems pretty random, but behavior seems quite consistent by not refreshing highlight as I’m moving cursor across categories.

Anyone else experiencing similar behavior? It’s oddly specific issue, but I noticed red and blue region has a consistently different behavior on same system. Running latest fully updated Manjaro KDE on Ryzen 2500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD laptop.

It’s an old KDE “bug” ─ not really a bug, but more like a performance issue ─ that has been around for ages already, across distributions. It was supposed to have been fixed, but then again, so were supposedly a number of other bugs that have recently returned. :man_shrugging:

Personally I don’t use the application launcher menu ─ I use the Application Dashboard instead. :arrow_down:


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