[Application Launcher] Controlling visibility of items in History

How to take control over privacy within History of the Application Launcher widget? I would like to select folders which content should not suppose to show up within History. I already know it's possible to prevent certain applications from showing up in History, but is it possible to do the same for files and folders?

For App Privacy, go to:
“System Settings” > “Workspace” > “Desktop Behavior” > “Activities” > “Privacy”

Have you tried your application launcher settings?
(right click on the icon)
I dont even keep those categories around .. mine just has Apps, Computer, and Leave.

That's the first thing I've tried. Unfortunately no help there...

I don't think you can narrow this to Application Launcher only. I think it's an environment setting (Plasma).
I would try baloo/krunner indexing in SystemSettings => KRunner, uncheck "Recent documents" and "Places" and test for some time (open documents and check if they are shown in the Launcher-History tab).

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Yeah, I could live with that workaround. Btw, my intention was not to narrow it down to Application Launcher only. I am more interested in general approach, to be able to control both: applications and files altogether within the Privacy settings. Since I come from the Ubuntu/Unity world, I got used to this feature and was pretty surprised I couldn't find it in Manjaro. Thanks for your thoughts!

So you mean like baloo settings?
(System Settings > Search)

..this isnt really a manjaro vs ubuntu thing so much as a KDE vs Gnome thing. Its a different desktop environment - hence a different setting/application.

Something similar. This particular setting narrows down the search results, but the feature I was looking for was related to narrowing down recording activities (recent history).

Yes, I'm aware this is DE issue. BTW, it's Unity that had this feature, not sure about Gnome. Maybe I could add a feature request to KDE.

If the suggested method provides what you want, then it may just be a naming difference.
I agree "Privacy" is a cooler name :wink:

I appreciate your help. If you limit the search function (or indexing of certain categories), of course those will be not visible in recent history, but this is not the exact feature I was referring to. I want to use the unlimited search functionality, but at the same time I want to limit recorded activities only. Let me explain...

E.g. if you've set the HISTCONTROL environment variable to ignoreboth (which is usually set by default), commands with a leading space character will not be stored in the history (as well as duplicates). Therefore, we did not prevent execution of certain commands just to avoid storing them in history. This is just an example how they did it in bash... hope it makes sense. :blush:

? What is this?

IIUC this requires user's intervention/awareness.

How do you imagine this fine-grain happening?

I see bash as a program. This privacy feature is a per-program issue. The user would be required to act respectfully, to have fine-grain control of which is filtered or not.

Maybe I still didn't understand your scenario...

History, aka. recorded activities. :wink:

Maybe I'm really missing something here, but I would imagine it inside of KDE's “System Settings” > “Workspace” > “Workspace Behavior” > “Activities” > “Privacy”, as two separate groups: one for applications (which already exists) and the other for files (currently the missing part, illustrated on screenshot above from Unity: with "Don't record activity for following type of files" and "Don't record activity in the following folders").

Therefore, when reading from a history file, other programs such as Application Launcher would read only filtered data, depending on the settings defined in KDE.

I submitted a feature request to KDE. Anyone interested reg. the status of it, could visit:
Option to ignore user activity with user-specified file types (bugs.kde.org)

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Maybe my understanding of Privacy escapes me, or is faulty ... but i'll say it nevertheless:
Privacy should be used only in the context of EXTERNALS accessing OUR internal/private DATA. So, whoever decided to call

was looking at the wrong synonym for History
Should be called just that: History, as per first option in that tab:


Honestly, i can't keep my privacy off from myself, but for myself and off others.
Not wanting to keep a history of what i accessed in my computer, is a totally different story ...


That's a good wording for the same thing I had in mind previously. At some point I was dragged towards wording used by Unity team ("Privacy", which should be replaced by "History", I agree). Nevertheless, I think my point is still valid that this feature is missing, since there are some files/folders that are way more important to be listed in my History than some other content and it would be nice to control it.

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