Application has distored colouring

I have a problem like this before where there was a conflict between the GTK theme and other UI elements. I resolved that issue by switching Plasma Style, Application Style, and Window Decorations to Breeze. But now Cura doesn’t look right. It looks fine on Ubuntu and Win10.

Can this be fixed?

Aha, this isn’t right.

  1. Global Theme - Breath2 or Breeze is good, Gruvbox and Layan are very nice too.
  2. Application Style - Breeze is okay, Lightly is better
  3. Application Style - Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style:

Now here you can set any installed styles. For one misbehaving app, I use a lighter theme (I installed Breeze-Card and Nordic-darker, but Breeze works well if the colour scheme is good with your app - for guayadeque I must use the ‘Breeze-Card’ lighter theme or I can’t see text in a few elements).

To specify a theme NOT part of your ‘global theme’ you can use a specific launcher/shortcut.

For guayadeque I use a mouse gesture to get the light theme applied, launching with the command:

GTK_THEME=Breeze-Card guayadeque

Otherwise, just ‘guayadeque’ would launch it with the desktop settings.

I use ‘Material’ window decorations which follow the colour scheme, I know that Lightly also does this - so that might cure your titlebar.

Of course, you can fix that too…

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Thanks for this Ben. Unfortunately though, this didn’t work for me.

The theme of the application did indeed change (Ultimaker Cura official download because the version is the package manager behaves strangely and has the same colour issue). However, the ‘internal’ menu/settings remain the same. I used the method in the last picture you posted because I don’t know how to make GTK_THEME=Breath2 cura work :confused:

Maybe the spelling - I don’t think Breath2 is correct.

GTK_THEME=Nordic works if you install Nordic GTK.

GTK_THEME=Breath-Dark also works

I can’t see Breath2 theme…

The one theme that works well (as some software has issues with dark themes) if you search CARD, then you will find Breeze-Card (by phob1an) and that will surely work.

The other one I found worked well was Breeze Solarized Light - and you can find those searching for Solarized.

But there’s nothingi for Breath2, so I’m not surprised that didn’t work…

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I just had a look with the appimage from the website and yes, the colours suck in the app.

So open your settings, and find your colours.
One that I tested was here:

This using the colour scheme from the theme I suggested to you - Card.

You can pull that in searching ‘Global Themes’ for the word Card.

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does this help?:

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So I installed Breeze and Breeze-Card. Unfortunately that didn’t work for me. I did Alt+F2, then put in GTK_THEME=Card /home/bassam/Applications/Ultimaker_Cura-4.8.0_6782abb3abec599bf7274297cdaa94bb.AppImage

It starts the app but it doesn’t fix the problem. Please note, when I made changes via application specific settings, the theme would change (titlebar color), however, the preferences window would look the same.

YES!!! Praise be!!!


I didn’t try to apply the GTK theme to the appimage. I simply applied the theme colour, then launched the appimage.

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