Application auto starting via Systemd without permission

Hello people! I’m new here and I experience a issue with my Manjaro KDE system.

After a few days of use, strange things started to happen on my system like: Yakuake, the system settings and Spectacle are opened at login, but I haven’t changed anything to allow these applications to start automatically.
There is a simple solution to the Yakuake problem, but for system settings and Spectacle I can’t find anything to help. So, I decided to write here.

I ran “journalctl -b” to look for what is starting these applications and found these lines:

nov 05 22:03:12 leftabn-inspiron5420 systemd[1118]: Started /usr/bin/systemsettings5.
nov 05 22:03:12 leftabn-inspiron5420 systemd[1118]: Started /usr/bin/spectacle.

I was looking for scripts in ‘/etc/systemd/system/’ but found nothing related to these applications.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

Where in the boot process is that?
(maybe share more lines above/below?)

And double check you are starting with a clean session (not saved desktop session).

Also please run the following after login:

systemctl status $(pgrep spectacle)
systemctl status $(pgrep systemsettings5)


ps -o'pid,ppid,args,unit' `pgrep spectacle`
ps -o'pid,ppid,args,unit' `pgrep systemsettings5`

Thanks cscs! That’s it!

Manjaro was set up to restore the session.


Ah perfect. And here I thought we might need to go diving :slight_smile:

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