Apple SWIFT Development KIT and Android Software Development KIT on Manjaro-Linux

I was trying to get the android sdk to work on Manjaro-Linux. I can’t find the one that has the GUI interaction where you can access all of the SoC chip programming stuff. I could never get it to read the I/O on the GPS programming.

As for swift - you need to resort to custom scripts from AUR

And due to compatibility issues on Manjaro stable branch - in order to avoid those, you are advised to switch to Manjaro unstable branch

 $ pamac search swift language
swift-mesonlsp  2.4.4-1                                            AUR
    A language server for meson
swiftly-bin  0.1.0-1                                               AUR
    A Swift toolchain installer and manager, written in Swift.
swift-language-git  swift.DEVELOPMENT.SNAPSHOT.2023.09.02.a.r9.g550a0ce12-1  AUR
    The Swift programming language, taken directly from the Apple
swift-language  5.8.1-1                                            AUR
    The Swift programming language and debugger
swift-bin-development  4:5.9.DEVELOPMENT-1                         AUR
    Binary builds of the Swift programming language (dev snapshot)
swift-bin  5.9-1                                                   AUR
    Binary builds of the Swift programming language

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