App status icons not showing in panel when started from autostart

The status icons for KeepassXC and Nextcloud sync client are not showing up any more in the Gnome Panel in the top right corner.
I think this started happening after the upgrade to Gnome 3.38.

I have KeepassXC and the Nextcloud Sync Client installed and configured to start at login using the respective app’s settings.

Corresponding .desktop files have been created in ~/.config/autostart/ by the apps - see e.g. org.keepassxc.KeePassXC.desktop at the end.

The apps actually start on boot/login but the status icons are missing, which makes it hard to access the apps.

If I close the apps, and start them manually the app status icons show up in the Gnome panel and work as expected.

I have the following Gnome extensions enabled:

  • User Themes
  • Removable Drive Menu
  • Pamac Updates Indicator (which seems to autostart and work just fine)
  • KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support

Any help / hints are welcome.

org.keepassxc.KeePassXC.desktop content:

[Desktop Entry]
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I have the same issue with icons for KeepassXC and Nextcloud under GNOME.
I tried to set a delayed start in config as mentioned on Nextcloud forums, but it didn’t help.


Try following Gnome extensions enabled ==> Tray Icons / or Unite

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@GaVenga Thanks for this!
I just installed and enabled the Tray Icons extension and both Nextcloud and KeePass icons are visible now :slight_smile:

It’s just quite bizarre that Gnome won’t display them by default, but you have to install a 3rd party extension for that. For a new Linux user like me, it seems like a bug which makes you hesitate what’s broken – it’s Gnome or the application which should display the tray icon.