App for convert Polish speech into text

I need the best app to convert Polish speech into text. I have KDE Plasma. Thx.

It’s not an app, but I think the keyboard can be helpful on this topic.

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I think your best luck is a Google search for Linux transcription software after search which software support polish…

Firstly you should define “best” and what functions you need. Next step is advice from @scachemaille :wink:

This is a Polish android application. It’s supposed to be great, but I can’t use it. I wish I had something like that on Manjaro in addition to the android.
Relax, I need something like this for an adroid and a manjaro. I have a lot of text to share, and since I cannot write quickly, I want to turn speech into text.
“Nie możemy umieszczać linków”, what a pity :frowning:

we understand… but as you may know… maybe someone can help you in this… but the community is small and people using transcription in manjaro is certainly smaller and even smaller for polish transcription…
it’s why I advise you to do a google search to find transcription software that run on linux and then in the list of software you find to check how to install them on manjaro and also check if polish is supported…