App for Contacts?

Hello all I am new to linux and to manjaro xfce.
I need a simple application to manage my contacts that is offline & can support importation of contact .vcf files.

While browsing the add/remove software i tried installing “gnome contacts” BUT there is no import option available. Also tried flokka & kcontacts but neither have options for a simple automatic transfer of a vcf database.

Or is another program that might meet my needs? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried Thunderbird. It has a address book and it should be able to do .vcf files.

When it comes to contact apps, most I tried might support importing but most have lock in, and means you can export easily into another app.

Maybe someone else may be able to point you in the right direction.

I appreciate the suggestion, however I am looking for a simple app without any extras like email, calender, etc and thunderbird has a lot of unecessary extras for my taste. Thanks!

maybe you can try some software listed here:
searching for “address” and “contacts” will show you some apps