anything-sync-daemon: recommendations/suggestions

I have been using profile-sync-daemon for syncing my browsers' profile into RAM. It is quite straightforward to set up and works well. Now I have installed anything-sync-daemon. I wondered, those of you who use it, which folders do you sync with it? Any system folders? Are there some that safely can be put in RAM using anything-sync-daemon?

I use it for my high-use caches...firefox, newsboat, neomutt, etc.

Never considered the possibility for system folders...although you could possibly be safe with a low enough re-sync time (and depending on what system folders you are talking about).

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Thanks for the reply @merlock!

I have put the entire ~/.cache on tmpfs. Perhaps that is not a good idea?

Admittedly , I am not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that. Feel a bit silly :blush:

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It really depends on your use case, and if it is of little consequence if you have a sudden need to reboot (or even a spontaneous reboot).

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I have been trying that for quite a while now without noticing any negative consequences. I will remove it from tmpfs and will try syncing some cash folders with anything daemon to see how that works. Thanks again for the reply! I appreciate it.

One thing you could try is increasing your sync time.

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