Anyone use A HP Z820 Workstation Looking for some minor info

Thinking about updating my ancient computer and found a powerhouse on Ebay. Rather then building it myself I was wondering if anyone uses this computer. Pretty much just looking to see if Manjaro will work with this computer.
HP Z820 16-Core 2x E5-2680 2.70GHz 128GB Ram 500GB SSD 2TB HDD Nvidia k4000 3GB
Its on ebay. for $865.06 so its pretty easy to find.

Just looking to see if anyone uses this computer. If they had any issues or if it works just fine. I know it seems like “why would you need that” but the deal is right.
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

this is possible , be careful on

  • firmware & all options admin required with these config ( password and all closed to Bios or Legacy )
  • the video card Nvidia thar are not supported well in linux drivers nvidia
  • check power supply and electricity consumption also

Thank you.

I use a Z420, which would be about the same age.
8 core, 32G RAM, got it for $400 AUD on ebay, including 3000 km delivery!

Nvidia card is K2000, works with nvidia driver (forgot the number, not the latest).
Also works fine with nouveau, which I’m on now.

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