Anyone managed to install Asus monitor driver in Manjaro?

i just discovered it exist a Driver for the monitor too.

I read this and thought:
not even close to enough information to give an opinion or advice.

I’ve never heard of a monitor that needed drivers. If it’s working then I suspect it’s just a bunch of useless Windows app, that you already probably have with Manjaro.

i intend on buying a monitor,and just discovered that the device itself also gets driver updates on top of the Nvidia one,

to me, now that i’m aware of it,it sounds logical that advanced monitors that support all kind of functions and features,might have a “brain” behind.

the first thing I saw when following your link was:
“please select OS”
and only three Windows versions as a choice

Notice it’s only for W11.

i know,that’s why i was asking.

there’s 10 in the list,not that it matters.

… that doesn’t really make sense to me, but:
ok, I guess

Why and what for (for what gain?) would you even consider to install Windows drivers into a Linux system?
(treat as a rhetorical question …)

i might have got confused then,i thought those drivers were meant to be installed on the monitor itself,like chipset or bios driver.not sure anymore.

Most monitors for whatever reason do have a drive but luckily the manufacturers for the most part have sense enough not to include them cause they’re actually not needed.