Anydesk error desk_rt_ipc_error; alternative working remote desktop?

Hi, in this forum we had the same question in August but it was not solved and it is now automatically closed. So, I installed Anydesk from AUR on my two Manjaro computers. I have started systemd services on both computers. When I try to connect from one to another computer, I get prompted for password. After about 30s the error "desk_rt_ipc_error" is reported and connection is not established.

Does Anydesk work on Manjaro as of November 2019? Anybody has experience about that?

If there is no solution for this problem on Manjaro, what other remote desktop solution that works on this distribution do you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

Same problem here. And no solution. I'm looking for an alternative but from now nothing is working

Not exactly the same here : two Manjaro machines wit AUR Anydesk package installed, can't accept the connection on remote desktop because the window meant to do this is blank, so the connection ends with "desk_rt_ipc_error".
See comments there : AUR Anydesk, it seems that there's a problem with the pango package. I'm not going to downgrade the package because I don't feel sufficiently confident with that kind of tricks. I'll suggest to wait a little time to see if the problem is solved. I've tried Teamviewer without success too (the software seems unable to get an ID, maybe a port problem). I'll test VNC or one of its derivatives as soon as I can.

Edit : seems that "NoMachine" could be an alternative too.

I have been using NM for the past year or two, & it is quite excellent. I also have TeamViewer & AnyDesk. I use NM to connect my two machines, TV to remote into my Dad's pc, & AD just to remind me how much better those other two are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Change the resolution of remote desktop to high resolution or primary resolution according your display device. Issue will resolve.

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Anydesk is working on my installs, but, nowadays I rather use DWService

it's work, thank you :blush:
i change my ubuntu display orientation to Landscape(flipped)

do you know how to fix this issue on manjaro 18.1.5 lxde

In addition to AnyDesk, you can also use tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers, logmein etc. They work well and are compatible with all platforms.

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