Any way to adjust saturation in KDE?

I’m using desaturation as a way to manage screen addiction and so far I was using grayscale effect from the desktop effects but since maybe around 5.20-ish (not sure about this) it stopped working.

Still works in a wayland session but it’s just too unstable for daily use.

Is there any way to get the desktop effect to work again? I’m open to any other suggestion too.

Since the desktop effect could do it, clearly there’s a knob somewhere on the nuts and bolts level right?

So how come the adjustment UI isn’t implemented for it along gamma and rgb balance?

Out of nowhere today got a notification for the first time (since the issue started months ago):

“Desktop effects have been suspended by another application, You can resume using the “Alt+Shift+F12” shorcut”.

I used said shortcut and what do you know, desktop effects are back.

So it’s a matter of a glitch with notifications not the effect itself.

I do still think that a saturation slider is due right next to the gamma though.

Welcome to the community! This sounds a bit like the issue reported here, where the solution was apparently to reset Desktop Effects to defaults: Desktop effects have been suspended by another application - #17 by bob418. One user also reverted each change previously made to their Desktop Effects, one by one, and then could not reproduce the issue anymore.