Any tips for installing Plasma after Xfce4 is removed?

I know, generally not a good idea, but we each do as we must. :wink:

I have removed xfce4 and installed kde-plasma. And for the most part it has gone smoothly enough. However, it seems some changes have taken place since others have documented a how-to.

It seems kdebase is no longer available… is there a replacement package? I do not know what it installed so it is hard to determine what I still need to install. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to apply the plasma overlay that is used with the arm-installer?

Anyone else try this, that may have a few pointers beyond what is already in the guides?

ok, I think I found a way to install all of the packages in the overlay. But I basically did it manually before I found the way to do it.

But how does one apply all of the default Manjaro themes? Is there a method to this madness?

Assuming you are using manjaro-arm tools files from this directory get dumped into ~/. Note that there are hidden dot files in that directory.


After doing it you might want to delete ~/.Xauthority as it may refer to some things you were using.

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So basically I need to perform all of the steps in the overlays/kde-plasma directory.

Are there any other scripts that performs any setup/configuration for kde-plasma that are not in this directory?

Edit: I keep running into the issue of my Systems Settings window becoming totally black, so I can not see the menu/icons. They are there… just all black. If I randomly click, it does start things. I believe this is tied to the system wide theme. Is there maybe a way via command line to change the theme until I get this all figured out?

Edit 2: Or maybe the file in ~/.config to remove and restore the default? Guess I can just remove all .config and recopy /etc/skel.

Browse these directory’s:


There might be something going on in:


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In the end… I started with a fresh Plasma install. I am sure a switch can be made, but it was more effort and my results were less than perfect. Since I know more about the details of what I changed than I know about details of changing desktops, the better choice was to start fresh.

But thank you for the tips they were helpful.