Any support for the Ryzen 2200G and 2400G for Linux?

So when will the 4.16.x kernel and Mesa 18.x packages be included in the installation media?

Never. official installation medias only contain LTS kernels. the next kernel could be out in early 2019, nobody knows right now. Until then, 4.14 is the kernel for manjaro.

However, the community builds always images with newer kernel. Also Ryzen 2200,2400 will already work with kernel 4.15 & current mesa.

So what is the next LTS kernel? While I value stability, it is also important to support current hardware OOTB as well.

I am sorry but we don’t have fortune teller balls … It’s up to Greg and Linus do define which kernel gets LTS support - and like @anon35400795 already said, usually its one LTS kernel per year.
However, backports are still be possible even with it being older. Time will tell if someone backports DC to 4.14.

I sure hope so as the 2200G is a very capable APU for $100, and at this point in time I’m not if there is any reason to buy the Pentium 4560/4600 CPUs at all.

So a new Ryzen 5 2400G user here (since Thursday) and i thought i might build me a nice HTPC Linux PC.

Now i tried several Distributions yesterday and today and i must say i’m quite disapointed :(. None will boot with Kernel 4.15 on my system with AsRock Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard and Ryzen 5 2400G :(. Manjaro neither :(.

It seems i will get boot messages till it is trying to load KDE and then the blinking cursor on console will freeze and nothing happens :(.

But at least the kernel414 works for now (although without proper GPU hardware support) and it seems much smoother than Fedora or Mint. So i will stick with it :).

Perhaps i will try to switch to Manjaro-unstable as this is no productive System but something i can play with.

Any tips on how to make it work?

@Algo I have the same CPU and mobo as you. Sometimes I have te hard reset for up to 5 times before manjaro loads. kernel 4.15 and 4.16 work fine for me.

Also try to install video-linux with mhwd. I’m not sure if this is already in stable, if not switch to testing first.

sudo mhwd -i pci video-linux

After a succesfull boot I think it is save to remove video-vesa. It was causing me some issues with detecting the correct resolution from my monitor.

sudo mhwd -r pci video-vesa

I don’t think we can do much more then wait for the software/drivers to mature. Probably with Linux 4.17. I’m also waiting for ASRock to release a BIOS with AGESA v1.1.0.1 or higher. Currently we’re on v1.0.x. NB there is a beta bios up: It atleast fixes the incorrect CPU temp in the BIOS. I didn’t notice any other improvements.

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Search in the wiki or the forum, switching branch is not for complete newbies since there may be some problems with packages; especially in the unstable branch

Thanks stfn … i will try that :).
And thanks for the hint with the new BIOS … the incorrect CPU temp botheres me. Well at least i can live with it till a stable BIOS appears.

@Lolix Well i won’t say i’m a complete newbie as i used Arch Linux (and many other distributions) before, but it is a while since i used a Linux system so i may not be uptodate.

But you may be right … unstable might not be a good idea … i’ll try testing first. Thanks.

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This looks like a nice little mini-ITX board.
'jus curious, I realize that you may still have some issues with this, but is everything else working in Linux, like the (built-in) Audio, Wifi, …, on this board?

@algo I’m glad you’re returning lo Linux, maybe you want to introduce yourself here :slight_smile:

You see, time ago someone asked a simple way to change branch and a reply was like; if you can’t do it alone you’re not ready because other branches are not easier, and I think is true.
I use testing everyday and is usually ok, if you have troubles with updates look at the announcement section first

@scjet As i have the same Motherboard i can say yes … built in Audio and Wifi works … although i have to admit i did not test WIFI on Manjaro yet but it worked fine with Fedora.

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Oh yes i will do that @Lolix and introduce myself :).

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Feels like i’m making progress :wink: … at least i could boot one time with Kernel 4.16 although the screen seemed to be cropped. Looked like my monitor was set to display 800x600 but KDE still thought it is 1920x1080 so I got no KDE-‘Taskbar’ :(. And then it crashed :(.

Most of the time when i try to start Kernel 4.16 or 4.15 i get now a black screen when it tries to start (X11?)KDE.

But i will keep an eye on it. Seems like i will use Kernel 4.14 now for a while, till this 2200G/2400G issue gets resolved.

Oh @stfn: On more thing … did you change any settings in the UEFI/“BIOS” to make it work? All i did was setting XMP for my RAM ;).

@Algo: No bios changes are necessary for me.

@scjet: Everything is working flawless on that board, audio, wifi, etc. Only graphics are problematic.


Hmm … it may be i made it work :).

I needed to remove the vesa driver … so now Kernel 4.14 does not load any anymore, BUT … Kernel 4.16 now loads KDE correctly … YAY … and it seems i now got hardware acceleration. At least KDE seems to fade in and out windows ;):

inxi -F
Resuming in non X mode: xrandr not found. For package install advice run: inxi --recommends
System:    Host: ManjaroLinux Kernel: 4.16.0-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.12.2
           Distro: Manjaro Linux
Machine:   Device: desktop Mobo: ASRock model: AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac serial: N/A
           UEFI [Legacy]: American Megatrends v: P4.40 date: 01/08/2018
CPU:       Quad core AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics (-MT-MCP-) cache: 2048 KB
           clock speeds: max: 3600 MHz 1: 1767 MHz 2: 1375 MHz 3: 1413 MHz 4: 1895 MHz 5: 1383 MHz 6: 1414 MHz
           7: 1411 MHz 8: 1364 MHz
Graphics:  Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Vega [Radeon Vega 8 Mobile]
           Display Server: N/A **drivers: modesetting,ati (unloaded: radeon)** tty size: 188x27

But i’m confused too … mhdw does not have any xorg.conf anymore?

sudo mhwd-gpu --status
:: status
warning: could not find '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-mhwd.conf'!

you don’t need xorg.conf - only proprietary drivers and very special setups need it.

You have Kernel 4.16 installed and most likely video-linux in mhwd (available in testing and unstable) - thats what got it working for you. Removing vesa is not necessary with video-linux setup.

Well installing video-linux did not do the trick for its own :confused: … as although video-linux was installed with mhwd the command inxi -F said driver is vesa and the resolution was all messed up after KDE startup.
Removing video-vesa however did help as now the correct driver is loaded. At least on my installation.

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