Any support for ArchBang?

Hi to everybody.
I installed ArchBang on my old Asus K50C with Sis 671 graphic card, it works very fine.
There is no forum for this distro.
Can I apply to you if I need it?

While in this forum was the case to see advice provided by the community members (in some cases) about Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, and other Arch based distros, there are some particularities on them that we simply can't provide objective opinions about. So, it will depend on the issue you will present. Usually arch wiki covers everything tho. :slight_smile:

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As @bogdancovaciu says - quite a few are biased such as

  • kernels
  • graphics
  • pacman-mirrors is an app
  • branches (stable, testing, unstable)


  • do not ask ArchBang specific question - we don't know
  • if you do your 'homework'
  • search the forum
  • the arch wiki
  • if you post in #other-os

Then we will probably help you :slight_smile: if it is within reach of a community member.

If is where you got the ISO - it is based on spectrwm at least the most recent version - which is not in use with Manjaro which makes above point critical - do not ask about ArchBang specifics.

Manjaro has Openbox edition as well as tiling window managers like bspwm, awesome and i3. It is fairly trivial task to convert an arch based distro to Manjaro.

Source forge or the Archbang subforum at Artix is a good start,


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