Any reason not to remove bauh?

I don’t believe I use any snaps, flatpaks, or appimages (I don’t have snap or flatpak installed), and I don’t anticipate doing so. And pactree -r bauh doesn’t show anything depending on it. Is there any reason for me to keep it?

Nope .

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Indeed, apart the fact that you don’t know if you won’t need a flatpak or appimage some days, here are the reasons :

Obviously system management & backup (that I still have to use : I’m setting up my network :wink: ) are a definite quality !
And I didn’t see any of these in pamac settings.

I use timeshift for system backups, though, and pacman and yay for package management. I just don’t see what functionality bauh is adding for me.

Well, it’s you choice not valuing event triggered backup.
I use a weekly BackInTime, that’s like lottery as compared to event trigered, that’s why I’m preparing to improve my setup with this bauh option.

You also seem to discount any other options like optimized password handling, style, download improvement, system check, as well as be sure never to use other packaging tools.

Again, this is your choice, but these are also answers to the generic original question : yes there are reasons to keep bauh, then any individual can choose not to consider them.

I appreciate your spirited defense of bauh, though I still don’t find it necessary for my use-case. There are pacman hooks for backups prior to upgrades, and I’m fine with my password handling, download speeds, etc. My main concern in asking the question was whether it performed some function I didn’t understand that meant I couldn’t remove it without breaking stuff.

It’s largely a matter of taste, I think. I run i3 and always prefer terminal programs over GUIs unless the GUI offers some functionality I require and can’t duplicate otherwise. I don’t use pamac either, for example, because I prefer pacman and yay. But I can see why a lot of people would find bauh useful.

Obviously if you only use CLI, you can do anything bauh is doing.
This was not implied by your title & first post.