Any plans to support the Pinebook?


Hm; yeah, the Netrunner image uses an ancient kernel (3.10). The Arch image reports 4.15.0-rc5-1-ARCH, which may be a custom kernel due to driver issues. I did run pacman -Syyu on it to bring it up to date.


I got an alpha5 image Up. Where I tried something new for the booting.


Thanks for the new image! I am sorry to report that this one has gone back to the behavior of being ignored by the Pinebook, and it boots from the eMMC. Once booted, it can see the partitions on the microSD.

I’m not sure what to say; I appreciate your efforts on this. I wish there were a way to virtualize this hardware.


Can you try following the Arch Linux ARM official guide under installation and see if that results in a bootable device?


It does not. Same black screen issue, and it doesn’t boot. It won’t boot from the eMMC either unless I take the microSD card out.


I can then conclude, that there only exist an Arch Linux image, because someone put in a lot of effort of creating drivers, firmware, bootloader and kernel packages, without sharing a PKGBUILD for them.

I don’t think I will get this to work. I’m sorry. :frowning:


Yes, it looks that way. I really appreciate your efforts: you created a lot of images pretty quickly.

There is hope, though. The guy did his work in the open; here’s his GitHub repo:

Also, the 4.19 kernel should have Pinebook support, according to this:

I’m guessing at that point, maybe, the Archlinux ARM build would work if it adopts this kernel, but I have very little knowledge of the ARM ecosystem, its status, or how the Archlinux ARM project works. But if that works, maybe a Manjaro build wouldn’t be too far away. :slight_smile:


This is very good news. I will try again when the linux-aarch64 kernel is at 4.19.
Maybe then, the bootloader and firmwares will get a regular arm package too.

We will see.

I will close this topic right now. And create a new topic for next time I need pine64 testers. :slight_smile: