Any plans to support the Pinebook?


I just got a Pinebook (see It’s a nice little machine, and as a Manjaro user, I would of course love to run my favorite distro on it. I’m currently running Netrunner’s distro, and they’ve adapted Plasma 5 to it very well. The problem with it, of course, is that it’s very much a snapshot in time from when they created it (April 2018). During that time, there was a regression with Plasma’s NetworkManager, and so the desktop doesn’t auto-connect to wifi.

If the distro rolled, this bug would be corrected, and I’ve (so far unsuccessfully) tried to enable the Debian repositories and update the thing to something more recent. But for now, I was just wondering if this device was on anybody’s radar as something Manjaro ARM might want to support?


I thought about getting one of those last year, but wasn’t sure if it was usable enough for me. How is the performance? I got the impression that it really only good for watching movies.


I’ve spent most of my time messing with the different distros available for it, trying to get something reasonably up to date. I realized recently that I’m just not a tablet guy: I fight against the design of Android. I just want a cheap, small computer I can carry around to take notes and that has a long battery life (and that I can run Syncthing on).

The performance is sufficient for normal “home” usage: writing documents, browsing the web, checking email. Pretty much exactly what I want it for. I haven’t tried playing games on it, but YouTube seems to work fine. I wouldn’t write/compile code on it.

It’s super thin and super light too, though the case is a flimsy white plastic. I’m so far pleased with my purchase; I’d just like to get a stable distro on it that supports the hardware fully.


My guess is that the Debian ARM port using the Xfce desktop would likely be your best bet for now. However perhaps in the future Manjaro-ARM will be in a usable state for users such as yourself.

I can’t really give any advice about ARM devices since I’ve dealt with them directly.


Yeah, AFAIK no one in the ManjaroARM team has access to one of these so it is impossible to guess… Or develop.
If you want to get your hands dirty though (as you are the one with the hardware) it could happen…

This did spark the Oh I’m gonna tinker feeling in me … but One Hundred dollars isnt something I can just drop for a fancy.


This would be something I’d love to do if I could spare the time. Unfortunately, I have a full time job, a wife and two kids, and a house that needs work. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Like I said, I was thinking of getting one of these but end up getting a refurbished Thinkpad T430 for $170. But something like this is something I would get if I needed something cheap and easy to replace portable machine.


I have 2 jobs, a wife and 2 kids. :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the club. :wink:


I’m not up on ARM hardware. Here are the Pinebook’s specifications. If I were to attempt to run Manjaro on this thing (there is already an Arch image I haven’t tried), do we have an image I could try booting?


Seems it’s using the generic aarch64 kernel.
But we have no image that boots using this kernel.