Any plans to add Plasma Bigscreen to X86 and ARM versions?

I would love to have Plasma Bigscreen, if not in my 55" XIAOMI P1 ARM SoC, in my X86 Manjaro, switching between normal Plasma and Bigscreen, to be able to use it with a TV remote, even if I have to use 2 remotes.

I know that I can install Neon in other partition and perhaps as a container, but I do not like deb distributions and snaps.

Plasma Bigscreen is still in heavy development and so is only available in special kde-unstable repositories.

For ARM devices, you can take a look at our Development images here: Releases · manjaro-arm/bigscreen · GitHub


Now that bigscreen is going to be stable and with kernel 6 soon …
Will you make an Armlogic 64 image?
I would love to use my old (and better than my Xiaomi TV P1 55" integrated one) 905X TVbox with plasma big screen.
And LibreELEC have the drivers.

PS: Some Android software to replace Android in TVs (and be able to reinstall it), even if it is with the need of plugin some USB storage would help Manjaro plasma bigscreen a lot. Or at least one agreement with some brand to come pre installed.

We can’t support every TV box out there.

I’m not sure if we are gonna create release images yet.

You can use am6 plus image and change the dtb according to your device. .

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I know that, but an easy way to create ARM images “with drivers from other distributions” or with instructions to create them would be great to have.

It is unfortunate that there is not a way (or not yet) for a universal ARM SoC installer as we have in x86_64 based machines.

And it seems that with RISC-V SoC we will have the same problem.

That’s a problem created mainly by the board manufacturers in my opinion.
If the manufacturers would have supplied all their boards with already working firmware, just like x86 motherboard manufacturers do, any distro image that uses either EFI are a DTB provided by the firmware, would just work.

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