Any plans for KDE Edition Minimal?



Good day, friends!
I see in download section the Minimal iso for fxce edition. Is there any plans to create that sort of iso for KDE edition?


minimal users are not newbie so they should use manjaro architect.
because newbie need to have everything oob
because i was in that phase and didnt know which software to use.
advanced users know which one to use so they want minimal


You can easily build a minimal ISO yourself.

Just tag along in the video tutorial by @philm

HowTo: Build your own Manjaro Spin


What is the point of a KDE minimal iso?

In my opinion the Manjaro KDE iso is already much too minimalistic.

Kpim is not installed
Vault is not installed
Akonadia console is not installed

and some other things I can’t think of right now.

No reason to cry you can install it after all.

I will call the Manjaro KDE as a minimal KDE. :grin:
If you want less take LXQT.

my two cent


yeah its truly minimal its missing these and other kde-applications

sudo pacman -S --needed plasma kio-gdrive kio-extras kamoso kim4 kdiff3 telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm fancontrol-kcm kf5 kf5-aids kdenetwork-filesharing krdc krfb kphotoalbum kolourpaint kdenlive krita plasma5-applets-redshift-control sweeper

sudo pacman -S --needed chromium pepper-flash pamac vlc kodi audacity mpd cantata lmms blender variety simplescreenrecorder telegram-desktop pavucontrol-qt pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa timeshift open-fuse-iso pdfsam firefox-kde-opensuse firefox-addons


This question has been asked and answered several times recently. And I agree that @philm’s application software choices are 1) sane, and 2) minimal. And, in my opinion, a majority of people would add-to rather than take-from what comes pre-installed in 18.0.

If you want a more minimal KDE Plasma installation, learn to use the Manjaro-Architect Installer. It’s just that simple.



Ok! Thank everyone for answers!


then how come there is this??


That came for the Manjaro Community (please note the “Community” in its name). That means one or more Manjaro community members chose to take the time to spin that release.

This is the Manjaro Community and you are welcome to participate.


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