Any known issues with Manjaro on T430 Thinkpad?


As some of you know, I just ordered a T430 Thinkpad from Newegg yesterday for a decent price. I am just wondering about any known issues with Linux on T430 Thinkpads, any particular programs I should install on this? What about battery usage and the proper use of? I expecting to receive this on Tuesday next week and I’m just planning ahead.


Doesn’t seem to be after a quick search, but the Arch wiki might be a good place to check.


Thanks I’ll check it out. As far as the notebook goes, I’ll upgrading the memory and to an SSD later on.


I run the i3wm version on my T420 with no problems. Everything works.


Thinkpads are known for good linux compatibility. A model as old t420 should cause no issues.


I have run T410 with Manjaro - no issues.
I have run a T420 with Manjaro - no issues.
Now I run a T550 with Manjaro - no issues.

Lenovo is know for the great Linux compatibility at least on the T-series.


Thanks guys. It looks like I made the right choice getting this.


Also on the X-series. X200 - no issues, X270 - no issues :slight_smile:
It is however recommended to update the BIOS to the latest version.


how often do you update update laptops?


Previously I ran two companies which used highend tech and supplied tech to other companies so I have updated my hardware at very high rate.

Now I am on early retirement due to a complete burn-out and I don’t update hardware at that rate anymore.


I run Manjaro with trouble on a T530, which is the 15" variant of the T430. I had only a bit of work to get the Display Port to work, which should be the same for your T430, if you ordered the version with a Nvidia gpu.


Do I have to use Windows to do this or can I just boot into the UEFI setup and do it from there?


No issues known by me, but then again, I have no experience with a T430 so how would I know? :slightly_smiling_face:


Lenovo offers both a Windows updater and a bootable CD.
It’s not mandatory. If everything’s working for you, you don’t really need to update the BIOS. But BIOS updates can also fix security issues in UEFI or other components. As with the T430, the last three BIOS updates all fixed security issues.
Go to and enter the product name. Lenovo has lots of stuff there, including the user and repair manual.


Thanks. I probably do the memory and SSD upgrade next month sometime, but I wondering if ~128GB os space will be enough for my needs? I’m not planning on putting a lot files on this machine or doing any major gaming.


The Manjaro instalation will probably be on the range of 30-40GB, already including a bunch of software (except games). So, 64GB is enough and still allows you to have some update cache stored.

If you’ll be using large games, then it may be better to have a larger partition or install those some other place.

If you plan to have Windows (or other OS’s) alongside, then 64GB probably won’t suffice. Windows alone will need at least 80-120GB - this including a bunch of software and years of updates (excluding games). So, maybe 180-240GB is a better option (for both OS’s).

All your data can go to the HDD. That is, if you plan to keep both disks installed - otherwise you need consider this. There’s also the option of splitting the OS’s installations between the two disks, keeping more important (in terms of speed) parts on the SSD and the rest on the HDD. This allows you to have a smaller SSD, and it can also be done with Windows if you need it (I used a split setup on a very old laptop because of lack of space and it worked fine, though preparation must be carefully done).

In the end, if you can, buy a larger SSD (ex.: 240GB or more), otherwise there are other options to consider. I currently have a 240GB SSD with 3 partitions: Manjaro (64GB), Data (79,5GB) and Windows (80GB). Of course, my data partition is almost full (60GB used). I plan to buy a 120GB mSata SSD to dedicate to Windows before the end of the year. Note I only have work on my laptop and all the other stuff (or old work stuff) are at home or online. So this can seem very little space for many people.


I suppose I should get a larger SSD instead of ~128GB one as it better to have and not need then it not have and need it later on.


I know I said I’m not really using this notebook for gaming, but I might do some light gaming on it. So I’m wondering which modern games work fine with Intel HD4000 iGPU?