Anti-Manjaro Thread Trending on Reddit If You Want To Weigh In

Some disgruntled user has his panties in a twist and went on a long rant outlining his reasons why you shouldn't use Manjaro. Visit the post if you care to weigh in.


Not going to weigh in on that, since most of his info is way out of date anyway.


Hmmm you can complain about anything on the net. I am linux beginner and use it since September 2019 on one machine and since January 2020 on second, testing branch. Yes I broke Manjaro few times when I wanted to achieve what is not possible on any Linux, however since December it just runs.
It is again pointless distro war, these people should focus on real bugs and point them, not how distro works or does not work.


I have to agree. Ever since Manjaro releases went to the year format, the distro has only better since then.

Quarantine symptom :innocent:


Won't weigh in on it's thread, but I will say since switching to Manjaro starting with 18.1.4 for the most part I've been very pleased with it. In my book far superior to Ubuntu based systems. Most things that break are because of something I did, but in the majority of cases I find the fix either here or googling.

Have to agree.

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I somewhat agree with the first paragraph. Manjaro is an awful distribution to blindly recommend to somebody who has never used Linux before.

You see this all the time with new users complaining "why doesn't X work the way it does in windows" or "i didn't update for 6 months and now my computer won't boot" because they've come in expecting something that "just works". This in of itself is fine, there are distributions for that mindset and use case, but I think most would agree that if Ubuntu and Pop are aimed at beginners and Arch and Gentoo are aimed at experienced users, then Manjaro falls somewhere in the middle.

For those with a genuine desire to learn something new that may be intimidated by Arch/Gentoo/Slack, Manjaro is an excellent place to start. However, I think calling it "newbie friendly" can create unrealistic expectations among the less technically inclined.


eh .. crud post .. but the 7 most upvoted comments are rebuttals :wink:

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Manjaro hasn't "officially" been described as this at any point, ever.

And yet, people regularly take the words "suitable for newcomers" and reshape them as "idiot-proof".

This is despite me clarifying exactly how Manjaro is suitable for beginners on the homepage:


Perhaps so, I'm also aware of a nice little passage in a nice big font on the website that's reads "Manjaro is not a consumer orientated operating system". Unfortunately, most people aren't going to spend any longer on the website than the time it takes to download the iso, they have already heard all they think they need to know elsewhere before visiting the website. For better or for worse "newbie friendly" is probably one of the most commonly heard buzz terms that a new user is going to encounter as they discover Manjaro.

While Manjaro may never have claimed to be "newbie friendly", the implication is always going to be there. Maybe this is because of media coverage Manjaro has received over the years , because of the friendly and decidedly newbie friendly forums, because of the implications of making Arch more accessible, or just word of mouth. I can't say, and I'm not really going anywhere with this, just thinking out loud.

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The simple answer: User-friendly is a misnomer, and one that makes a complex situation seem simple.

What does "user-friendly" really mean? Well, in the context in which it is used, "user friendly" software means "Software that can be used to a reasonable level of competence by a user with no previous experience of the software." This has the unfortunate effect of making lousy-but-familiar interfaces fall into the category of "user-friendly".

I agree, the implication will always be there. My theory is ironically newbies created the "newbie friendly" catch-phrase. It works great for them, so they go off and claim it is newbie-friendly in their post to real in more people, kind of thang.

"From this perspective, it is also suitable for beginners similar to the way an Arduino is an excellent entry-point to embedded hardware development."

WTF? And "beginners" are supposed to understand that statement?


If they don't then perhaps Manjaro isn't right for them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Without further explanation, I guess Arduino makes Manjaro above consideration, personally. :smiley:

When I took up skydiving I never questioned my instructor as to "why" I should throw out the pilot 'chute. :smiley:

The individual clearly cannot handle the thought that others are brighter/cleverer/more Savvy than him. An individual publicly dissing something they cant handle,where many,many others clearly can, is a sign of mental shortcomings and incapability regarding the subject matter.

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I think we can close this topic, because this has been discussed many times already. You can use the forum search function (when it recovers from too much load) and enter "reddit manjaro bashing" or similar.


This is all subjective !!!

I've had more than a few problems with Tumbleweed KDE, fewer with Manjaro KDE and almost none with vanilla Arch KDE. Go figure!

Eh. It’s Reddit. A well known place for complainers to air their dirty laundry. I wouldn’t take it too close to heart. What we really need to watch out for is when something like a news site publishes false or misleading information, like what happened to Debian. That’s when there needs to be a community uproar. Since the false/misleading info reaches a wider audience and can cause significant harm to our reputation.

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Maybe we could use a new Topic dedicated to challenging Manjaro Bashing along with tips to show the evidence to those who are very fond of doing such bashing.

As I rule I avoid bashing other distros unless it is well warranted.

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