Antergos metamorphosis

Does anyone know when my Antergos Budgie will turn into a Arch butterfly?

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Your wish will come true when the moon will have risen 7 times over the Kilimandscharo .


ask them antegos team not manjaro team

bye !

I though that it might be a bit insensitive. Like asking someone who just lost a loved one when the funeral will be. It's too soon.

you should in fact think in the future
archlinux will be ok or something else ?

you cant change archlinux in manjaro ( missing all specifics tools from manjaro )

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"Soon, we will release an update that will remove the Antergos repos from your system along with any Antergos-specific packages that no longer serve a purpose due to the project ending." Antegros successor "Endeavour"is in development. But what is the point of asking this on Manjaro forum ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In case Antergos breaks, Manjaro is the best alternative I have found thus far.

I have already tried Manjaro Gnome and XFCE in the live environment and it works wonderfully. The Manjaro commubity is also very friendly and helpful.

The only downside is the 1 Gig update because of the many programs that's included in Manjaro, but at least it's so complete I don't have to install anything, except a game or two.

I think you are right. I will also have to change the desktop, because Budgie I'm using looks good but some things don't work.

I tried both Manjaro Gnome and XFCE in live environment and it worked great. With Manjaro XFCE having many options to customize it.

I can just choose what Manjaro should do instead of trying using the command line to tell it. I come from Debian/Ubuntu background and don't no much pacman commands yet.

The Manjaro forum is also nice If I need help.

Why wait? Do it yourself, it's simple.

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you need this

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Thank you very much, I have seen that before. I will put it in my pocket.

You are right, it's the only practical choice for me. You have people who ar Linux users and then you have the hobbyists who like to tinker. I am a Linux user that just want to get on with it and Manjaro XFCE is the best choice.

I tried the live environment and noticed that even the sound on YouTube is better in Manjaro, as opposed to Antergos I'm using now.

I will install Manjaro XFCE this weekend when mostly everyone is asleep in Europe and the one Gig update after install will download better on my slow 3G connection.

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What makes you think that they both use pulseaudio and Alsa ?

As I see it, if the final Antergos migration update does its job, most existing users should have no problems continuing using pure Arch repos, except they will probably now need to install and get updates for things like pamac from AUR.

The only issue is whether the Antergos forum will still be there for support and problem-solving from fellow users, even if the devs are gone. If so, won't things continue the same way?

Of course, if Antergos forum is not as active as Manjaro's (I have no idea) then yes, having forum support might be a good reason to move to Manjaro if you are not confident of updating and maintaining an Arch system yourself.

But you should not switch to Manjaro expecting to get a complete "click update-button and forget" sort of distro. YOu are still expected to read the forum update announcement from the devs before commencing an update, in case some manual intervention is needed.


I have no idea what Antergos and Manjaro use. Maybe Manjaro has some extra codecs preinstalled?

I read somewhere in a review that Manjaro updates are released about a week later than Arch updates and thus one might have some more stable packages.

I have about just over a weeks experience with Antergos and saw a article about what to do after installing Arch, like installing the LTS kernel. I have both Stable and LTS. After the last Antergos update, can I use sudo pacman -Rs linux and just use the LTS kernel for stability?

Please ask your kernel question in a separate topic.

Manjaro does not use Arch repos directly and has its own kernels.

You still need to read the forum announcements for each update before initiating the update, AND I would really advise you to read up on Manjaro because it is more distanced from Arch than Antergos.

I advise this as a start: New users! Please listen

and the other threads in the FAQ sub-forum

you better keep any LTS kernel with manjaro or the lastest stable

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Question is whether he is asking about installing Manjaro's LTS kernel in the future, or the Arch LTS kernel while he is still running Antergos. I don't know.

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