Antechdesign wallpapers



Hi ant,

Thank you for sharing your work :slight_smile:

I am just wondering what software are you using ?
Also about the flowers 's wallpapers are these your own pictures ?


Hi biscuit,

Your Welcome and thank you :wink:

I am using Photoshop at the moment, In the middle of learning Gimp though.

The flowers wallpaper, one is mine and the others are from Pixabay, if I remember correctly? All have been altered in one way or another in Photoshop.

Hopefully I can achieve the same results in Gimp, then I can wipe my Windows 7 Drive, no way am I downgrading to Windows 10 just to use Photoshop.

Thank you for your interests in my work, its much appreciated :slight_smile:



Thank for the response ant,

Yeah hopefully you will do the same good work by using Gimp, Inkscape or Krita, it would be great indeed to show people that is possible to make a good quality wallpaper with open source software on Linux OS.
Anyway keep it up! you are doing a real job here, congrats for your creations they are great.

I will stick around :wink:


Thanks Man, I will let you know when I create with Gimp, so you know :wink:



Added more Colors*


My first wallpaper using gimp :slight_smile: it would have taken me 5mins in Photoshop, that took me 1hr :scream:
Got to get easier, right?



For everything there is a learning curve and yes, it will get easier if you keep using it, learning it. Isn’t it like this when you started using Linux coming from Windows?


…or just using photoshop (lemme take a guess at dating … ) CS4 for the first time


Hi DeMus,

Yes it is, my point is, a simple task takes a lot of steps to achieve in gimp, other than that I am quite enjoying using it :wink: If the keyboard shortcuts matched Photoshop’s, wow :scream:

That’s why I jumped straight into arch, once you’ve mastered that, you can pretty much run any linux distro without much effort.

@cscs I started using CS6, I think they just introduced the 3D in that version?!


Aw darn. Even more of a youngin than I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

(there used to be some scripts and packages and even full-blown GIMP forks that tried to emulate PS layout and shortcuts. Some may still exist. Personally I say master GIMP as-is, but hey its open-source so you can mod and script and plugin and hack it to do most whatever you like)


Yeah, I installed it. Photoshop shortcuts & icons into my gimp .config file but its a bit hit and miss. Guess I’m gonna have to ‘grab the bull by the horns’ :wink:


I just found a gimp plugin called ‘layer styles’ like found in Photoshop, this should speed up my workflow :slight_smile:


You see, you will learn and master The Gimp. :grin:



Very nice Plz make manjaro with arc dark coulor #2f343f


That’s a bit vague, bit more detail would be nice :yum:


Samthing like this gnome but manjaro M and mix of arc dark colors #2f343f


I will have a play after dinner :wink: